5 Healthy and Nutritious Breakfast Ideas

June 4, 2017


It is early in the morning and the day starts. Different schedules, different places, different routines. What is it that unites us all? We ALL need to have breakfast. Ideally, as fast as possible upon waking up. Yes, dear readers, what our grandmothers used to tell us was right; this IS the most important meal of the day.


Just as some of us don’t fully wake up until we are in the shower / take our first cup of coffee / wash our faces, our body does not fully wake up until we eat breakfast. In that moment, all of our vital functions have the energy they need to work, to happen in the most perfect, harmonious and beautiful way. Only then the amazing orchestra of biochemical reactions that take place in our bodies every day can start, and this means that only AFTER breakfast we can be ourselves at 100% capacity.

So, here are 5 breakfast options, healthy and practical for you:


  1. Fruits

Taking fruits for breakfast is like cheating. There is no way to do it wrong. But there is a catch. We need to EAT the fruits, whole, not blending them and drinking fruit juice. Why? When we blend them, we lose the fiber, increasing the probability of storing the energy we get from this as fat. 3 – 4 whole fruits diced in a big bowl, together with a clean source of fat and insoluble fiber like 01 tbsp of flax seed/chia seed/sesame seed is the perfect combination. Start cheating in breakfast!


  1. Oatmeal:

Oats is a really good source of complex carbohydrates that, if prepared correctly, can be a super nutritious treat every morning and not “inmate food”, as it is commonly referred to. Oats on their own are a really good option, but to make it more interesting to our palates and even more healthy, some enhancements are needed. Normally oats are prepared with milk which is not a good option.


  • Grilled green apple
  • Peanut butter
  • Agave or bee honey
  • Banana, diced
  • Granola
  • Cacao powder

Now that you know which accompaniments are the best for oats, you have no excuses to add it to your nutritious breakfast weekly menu.


  1. Omelettes:

Tasty, fast & healthy. That’s the definition of a well prepared omelette. Eggs by themselves only give us a good amount of animal protein and many sources of fat (please, let’s stop the cholesterol myth), this is why we need to accompany them with vegetables and complex carbohydrates. How? Just add spinach, tomato & onion to your prep, and serve with a side of integral toasts. Nothing that will take more than 10 minutes of your time and your body will thank you all day long for this. Now, we need to keep in mind that when we use eggs, we need to be careful with the total amount of animal protein and fat that we will consume during the whole day.


  1. Nutritious toasts:

One practical and healthy way to use a complex carbohydrate is to use toasts (Preferably the ones that come already toasted, with no added fats) since they generally contribute with 0.3 – 0.5 gr of fat, which is really low compared to most bakery products such as normal bread, bagels or treats. To make the perfect nutritious toast, we must use add some “toppings” to them, in order to address to the protein and vitamins needed to tackle the day.


  • Banana + peanut butter
  • Sliced tomato with oregano, salt, pepper & 01 tbsp. of virgin olive oil
  • Chilly marmalade & turkey breast ham


Just as these, there are many other options that give the right amount of nutrients, this are only fast and tasty options.


  1. Pancakes:

Yes, you read that right. Pancakes. Having said that, we have to also tell you that this is a bit of a complicated option, not because of the preparation itself, but because of the cleaning involved that follows. There is a blender here, so this is a really good weekend option. To make healthy pancakes, we use ½ of the flour that is usually used, adding mashed bananas, raw oats, 01 whole egg and 0% fat milk/low fat almond milk (which is personally my choice). All of this ingredients together deliver the fat, carbohydrate and protein needed. A little challenge is to avoid, if possible the use of maple syrup, for which I recommend using whole fruits like berries and diced banana instead.


So, now that you know 5 healthy and nutritious breakfast options AND the reason why having an early breakfast is good for you, you can start your days in the best way possible. In LifeLifting, we always recommend starting the day with a big and nutritious breakfast. Always.



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