A Day in a Nutritionist Life

June 4, 2017


This article is intended to give you a small glimpse of what my days are like, to let you know that I am no alien or super powered god, I am a human, just like you, trying to understand myself every day more and more. The only difference is that I have a career in Nutrition & Dietetics and my day is based on that, as your day would be based on working in an office in the job you have chosen and came to make a life of.

I consider myself an “early bird” and it is really unusual if I wake up past 7:00. After a little stretching and tossing a couple of likes on Facebook/Instagram, I get up and start my day.

Small Snack + Yoga:

Nowadays, that Yoga and meditation are big parts of my life, I start my days with a small snack in order to be ready to have my first Yoga session with the macros needed (a little protein, some carbohydrates and almost no fat). A slice of whole wheat bread w/Low-Fat hummus and a small glass of water w/lemon does the charm. I check my emails and get 30’ of work done either checking on my patients of looking for more work. After that, I have a 90’ Yoga session which leaves me exhausted. Immediately upon finishing I have a fruit to replenish the glycogen used.

Real Breakfast:

01 cup of cooked oats w/01 tsp. of coconut oil, 02 tbsp. of Plazma (a really tasty Serbian product) & 01 tsp. of whole flax seeds.

Now it’s around 10:30 and, after my morning shower I turn on the laptop again to actually get some work done. I work as an online nutritionist and a nutrition writer, for this website and as a freelancer.

Middle Morning Snack:

01 cup of integral cereal + 02 tbsp. of dried cranberries

After that, the clock surprises me with lunch time, checking my meal plan to start cooking. I enjoy with my flat mate this process, listening to music and having really good conversations about life. It really helps to cook when you are a nutritionist.


¾ cup of cooked lentils w/chopped onion & garlic + ¾ cup of cooked brown rice w/parsley + 04 tbsp. of red sauce (tomato, onion, garlic & 01 tbsp. of olive oil) + fresh cucumber & carrot salad

After having a good lunch I usually grab my kindle and to back to a couple of books either about nutrition/self-improvement/chakras/awareness/really good novels and get around 60 – 90 minutes of reading every day. Just as in the morning, the clock surprises me with eating time. Perks of being a nutritionist.

Middle Afternoon Snack:

01 slice of whole wheat bread w/sliced tomato, baby spinach & spices + 01 apple, green

Usually my flat mate and I have guest by this time, so we enjoy with sharing our thoughts, being honest to each other as real friends. Seeing though the flesh and reaching to each other’s souls. A good cup of coffee and a deep conversation are the best medicine I have come to know these days. It is either this or having a late-afternoon Yoga session with my flat mate, this time with a group.


I am usually lazy to prepare a different meal than lunch, so I prepare more than enough so I can reheat lunch and use it as dinner. Same amounts for a day.

Since I like to wake up early, I am usually not the type of person who stays up late. And this is how we come to the end of my day.



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