About me

As a young nutritionist I really like to write science based articles. Personally it is the kind of work that I think should be done, teaching people how to take care of themselves by providing with all the information needed, in a fun and enjoyfull way.

I graduated from Nutrition & Dietetics with a specialization in Sports Nutrition and started my own company, LifeLifting Perú, where I worked with 250+ patients personally, creating personal conscious nutrition plans for each of them. I follow whole food, clean eating habits (Dean Ornish, Michael Greger, T. Colin Campbell are good worldwide known examples) in my daily life and work.



I am just a nutritionist, working as a freelancer, being able to do what I love, in the place and time schedule that I like, for people who are ready to love themselves more. I am no alien or super powered god, I am a human, just like you, trying to understand myself every day more and more. The only difference is that I have a career in Nutrition & Dietetics and my day is based on that, just as your day would be based on working in the job you have chosen and came to make a life of. 

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