Being an Online Nutritionist

August 18, 2017


This has been an amazing Journey. I was still studying Nutrition & Dietetics when I decided I wanted to have my own thing. My own project, my own dream. I went from working as a public nutritionist, to going to my first patient’s homes, to founding my own company and opening an office in my home town, Lima, Perú. Now I work as an online nutritionist, from a foreign country, trying to help as much people as possible, without lowering the quality of my work.

How it all started


I started with a brand, logo and company with an idea of copying somebody else, iWellness. Somebody I admired (and still do) from the health world. Starting out as a nutritionist with no experience was not hard, because of my scientific knowledge; treating with different lives, experiences, habits and characters of my patients, that was. You cannot learn that from books or professors, that you learn with consultations, sharing and being empathic. This roof helped me to take things more seriously and put a brand on my name, something that would push me to try harder, to give always a little bit more.

After experiencing with different cases and building a small reputation, I opened my own office, which allowed me to formally start a company and stop driving around the whole city, staying for hours in traffic and depending on my patient’s schedules. I started to gain a little bit of freedom.


To the two guys who opened my mind and showed me what I really wanted and gave me the courage to pursuit it, I will always be grateful. Thank you Selfinvest. After committing to have a greater dream and a responsible project, LifeLifting was born. A brand made from the actual love that a passionate professional can have for his career, for his opportunity to share knowledge, for his ability to change lives. A brand that could allow me to experience what is like to work for a bigger picture. Until today, LifeLifting keeps growing, as you can see by yourself now (you ARE in, you noticed, right?).

LifeLifting came with amazing and rewarding challenges. We created an online software, the Mirror Online, designed to make our patients be able to see their diet plans in a lovely and practical way, wherever they are. It also allows them to track their progress and see personal messages created individually. An amazing branding, marketing and digital marketing program gave it wings, my personal knowledge and caring treatment gave it the spine it needed to continue growing.

After being properly installed and having begun to really flourish in Lima, I realized that working 8 hours a day, surrounded by the same four walls takes more than you would expect.

Making the shift to online nutrition

Having the Mirror Online helped me to actually be able to continue working as a freelancer, doing what I love, for people who want to love themselves more. After having tended to +300 patients, I now have the experience to know exactly what to ask, how to carry a consultation and how to inquire about the needed subjects in order to make a conscious diet plan, ideal for every patient’s particular needs.

Nowadays, my best experiences have come from patients I have not met in person, which really appreciate the quality of my work and understand that they are doing this for themselves. Connecting with patients from abroad is amazing, and it’s something that I really enjoy these days. Different cultures, different experiences, same science principles. Using today’s world tools, such as real-time internet phone calls, Skype meetings, the Mirror Online and instant messaging is quite an adventure, and one that’s proving to be fun and rewarding.

Pros and Cons of working as an Online Nutritionist


  • I can arrange my schedules better
  • I have more freedom to work in the times I like to and with who really wants it, so I can enjoy my work and give a really high-quality service
  • Having better working schedules, depending on the side of the world the patient is
  • Not having to invest in an office rent and services
  • Being able to work in my underwear
  • Keeping the personal touch, even while working by phone
  • Being able to keep in touch with my patients, via text messages or email, by giving them real-time support


  • Depending on a stable internet connection (mostly when working from a café or outside)
  • Not being able to conduct the anthropometric measurements myself
  • Payment methods
  • Weird working schedules when the time-zones are too different
  • Losing the one-on-one consultation magic


As you can see, being a freelancer in my area of expertise is really an amazing experience, which I am enjoying every day more. Every patient’s case, every call, every skype meeting, every article written. I can safely say that it’s better to work online, as a freelancer.

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