5 Healthy Breakfast Options for Athletes

July 7, 2017

It is 04:30 and the alarm goes off. Time to train. You are trying to avoid the traffic, have more energy during the day, improve your performance or for any reason it may be, you are waking up really early in the morning to train. Between the series of events that go down from the moment you wake up until the moment you arrive at your training/workout center, you have to cram breakfast someway. What can you do?

Based on calories, practicality and improving sports performance, I give you 5 healthy breakfast options. First of all, lets go back to the situations previously addressed to: The only thing that we are looking for at that time of the morning is an easy and practical meal that can give us what we need in the less time possible, to be able to get to practice on time. Having said that, I have to tell you that it is better to sacrifice 10 more minutes of sleep time to be able to have a good breakfast than to leave home to train with nothing in the stomach. You need to know what to eat before training. Why? In most cases, training on an empty stomach negatively influences performance, amount of muscle gained and amount of fat used as energy during training. In short, as stated before, it is better to sacrifice 10 minutes of sleep than to train on an empty stomach. The performance roof of an athlete is much higher when he/she trains using the right energy sources.

So, here I leave you with 5 options for sportmans/athletes:

  1. Avocado, integral bread & fruit juice:

2 – 3 slices of integral bread (The one that has the least amount of fat) + ½ an avocado w/spices & juice from 2 fruits w/water & ½ cup of low fat almond milk


  1. Fruit Smoothie:

03 tbsp. of raw oats + ½ cup of low fat almond milk + 01 banana & 01 cup of strawberries + 01 tsp. of peanut butter + water. NO dairy


  1. Fruit salad:

3 – 4 high-calorie fruits (Apple, peach, banana, mango, pear, table orange, etc) + 03 tbsp. of granola + ½ cup of NO fat yogurt + 01 tbp. of chia/flax seed


  1. Fast Toasts:

03 – 04 integral toasts w/01 tsp. of peanut butter each + regular marmalade + 01 – 02 table oranges, whole.


  1. If you are NOT willing to spend time in your breakfast:

02 scoops of Maltodextrin (60gr) + ½ scoop of protein powder + 01 Vit C + E supplement + 06 olives


Now that you have this 5 options, you can focus on what is important for you: Training and performance.

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