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Perfect time to drink a protein shake

August 7, 2017

Do we need protein right after a training session? Why is it that we see so many people rushing to their shakers after finishing a workout to have a protein supplement? When should you drink a protein shake? There is a popular belief that protein powder supplement should be ingested right after training. True, but only partially. Even though by doing this we help to reduce muscle catabolism or muscle breakdown, taking it immediately after training is not the best…

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International Beer Day

August 4, 2017

  If you are reading this, it means that, like me, you are a beer lover. Yes, I know what they say about it being bad for you, that it packs a lot of calories and that it makes you fat plus reduces years of your life. So, how much of this is true? I have to admit that even if all of the above were true, I would still enjoy a couple of cervezas with my friends over a…

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Transition to Veganism: The vegan diet

July 31, 2017

  Are you looking for a reason to become Vegan? Are you curious about the normal questions asked about the vegan diet? Considering stopping eating meat, dairy and eggs? If you are in any of these positions, then you are on your way to adopting a vegan diet. The vegan lifestyle and the vegan diet are both gaining a lot of importance in the present days, mainly because of the available information about the relationship between a vegan diet and…

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Vegan Diet and Diabetes

July 28, 2017

First of all, what is diabetes? There are two types of diabetes, one that is a congenital disease (you are born with it or it develops during the first years of life and there is actually nothing you can do about it), this is type I diabetes. The other is a chronic non-transmissible disease (which means that you cause it to yourself by your own life choices), this is type II diabetes. Today I will the relationship between diabetes and…

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Vegan Weight Loss

July 22, 2017

First of all, lets define what IS losing weight before tackling on why does a vegan diet work. I can explain now 3 ways of losing weight which I consider to be important for this particular case: Caloric reduction, increased physical activity and quality food intake. Caloric Reduction: When you ingest fewer calories than you need on a daily basis, your metabolism will be in caloric deficiency, which, in time, results in weight loss, since the body needs to use…

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Common Questions Asked about Vegans

July 19, 2017

So, these last days I am getting a lot of questions about how it is to be vegan (I follow only the diet part, having a whole-foods, plant based diet). Most of them used to come from my friends, who actually saw the change in my diet when we got together, enquiring if is it hard to be vegan. Nowadays these questions come from my patients, who are trying to make the change or are trying to understand why is…

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Raising a Vegan Baby

July 17, 2017

Every day we hear more about vegan diets and veganism. We are experiencing a collective consciousness growth in the world and most of us are making lifestyle changes. One of these is starting to eat less meat and animal protein, and focusing on long-term health benefits, such as adopting a plant-based diet or becoming vegan. So, is a vegan diet safe for all ages? What are the benefits of raising a vegan baby? I will explain these and more topics…

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Why Athletes Need Carbohydrates

July 14, 2017

Carbs are athlete’s best friend. Most of the time, they are misunderstood mainly because of the popularity of high protein, high fat, low carbs diets. It is also because most athletes don’t really know what a carbohydrate really is, and why carbs are important in an athletes’ diet. Carbohydrates and their benefits There are many types of carbohydrates. Glucose and bran are both carbs, but their roles and effects on the body are totally different. This mandates that every athlete…

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Basic Sports Nutrition: Macronutrients

July 12, 2017

  There are 03 main groups of foods called macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats/lipids. We will see what is the role of macronutrients in athletic performance. The right performance of the body depends on these, and the amount that we provide every day of each of them. Carbs, fats and protein: Generally, carbohydrates are the ones that provide energy for short and long term and they are the only ones in charge of feeding the brain and the main organs…

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5 benefits of consuming Moringa

July 10, 2017

We are in an era of “superfoods” and this is one that I think I should dedicate a special place, since it is one that I personally consider to be among the best superfoods available. I will explain what is Moringa, and what are the main benefits of consuming Moringa. Trees for Life on Moringa: “All parts of the Moringa tree have  beneficial properties for the human being” As most of the other superfoods, Moringa Oleifera is around for a long period…

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