Vegan Nutrition Guide

If you are trying to follow a vegan diet, then this is the page that has the content about vegan nutrition that will help you in your journey towards a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. There are many reasons why someone would end up in this page, from being a long – time vegan who is trying to expand his knowledge about being vegan and following clean eating habits, to someone who is lightly considering switching his/hers eating habits to a plant based diet.

In this Guide you will find (links):

08 Amazing Athletes You Probably Didn’t Know Were Vegan 

Common Questions Asked about Vegans

Transition to Veganism

Raising a Vegan Baby 

Vegan Diet and Exercise 

4 Reasons Why I Stopped Being a Protein Addict 

5 Healthy and Delicious Vegan Snacks

Vegan Diets and Diabetes 

Vegan Weight Loss 

As a vegan sportsman, I can assure you that everything is possible, from gaining lean weight, to cutting down fat or maintaining weight on a vegan diet. Of course, the easiest part is losing weight on a vegan diet, and staying off it!

The journey towards a plant – based diet is a really exciting and rewarding one, just be sure to follow this guidelines in order to make the most out of it, taking the most benefits you possibly can. There is nothing more rewarding than to read that you are doing things right, or, on the other hand, reading and acknowledging that you are doing things in a totally wrong way! Try to find a category which suits you and read more about each subject, so you can expand your knowledge.

Learn how to properly make the transition into a plant-based diet, how to make fun and healthy vegan snacks and recipes, how to be a vegan athlete and to answer to most of the most common questions about being vegan, among others.

Among the information that you will find in this vegan nutrition guide, you can stumble upon curious information that proves that being vegan or following a plant based diet is possible, and even easier and cheaper than being an omnivore or relying mainly on animal protein. It’s even possible to thrive on a diet with no animal protein, to the point that you can even find that there are a lot of vegan athletes which you probably didn’t know about. In the same regards, you can find that being a vegan athlete is not as hard as it seems. There is no reason to stop doing physical activity or being afraid of training every day. Just follow the simple steps that are outlined in the article and you might find that your performance levels will not be affected negatively, or they might even increase. There are many ways to tackle veganism and being a vegan athlete is totally possible.

In this vegan nutrition guide, you can also find a personal take on why I stopped being a protein addict, and went from an arduous meat eater, to a plant – based diet advocate, changing my whole take on nutrition and reinventing my way of elaborating diet plans and my treatment system to my patients. You can see, first handed how knowledge and researched changed my personal point of view towards nutrition and what I considered a healthy lifestyle. Among the benefits of a plant – based diet, here you can find an article about the vegan diet and diabetes, which explains how going plant – based is related to eliminating risk factor and even reversing diabetes.

Of course, among the topics of the guide, you can also find answers to the most common questions asked about veganism and vegans, from what do vegans normally eat to the most common question: How do vegans eat protein.

If you are wondering or starting to consider about becoming a vegan or adopting a plant – based diet, you will also find information about how to manage the transition to veganism, how to address to a proper transition based on what to eat, what to expect and what you should be concerned about from day one. In the same regard, you can also find a detailed explanation on how to raise a vegan baby.

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